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Bed Edging & Weeding

To ensure that your beds are healthy and looks their best, we provide you with a wide variety of Bed Edging & Weeding services at reasonable prices!

The Bed Edging & Weeding experts at Tall Pines Landscaping will make sure that every area of your bed is taken care of correctly the first time.  Homeowners in Geneva, St. Charles , Batavia and the surrounding areas trust us with their Bed Edging & Weeding needs.


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Bed Edging & Weeding SERVICES

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The visual appeal and overall health of your landscape will benefit immensely from regular bed edging and weeding. To name just a few of the many advantages, we can list:

Curb appeal is increased when beds have their boundaries clearly defined and weeds have been removed to present a clean, well-kept appearance.
Improved plant growth: weeds steal vital resources from your plants, such as water, nutrients, and light. Weeding increases the likelihood of success for your plants.
Easier upkeep: mulch and other materials stay where they should be, thanks to the help of the edgers. It also facilitates the early detection of weeds and their prompt elimination.
Having a landscape that is well-kept can increase the value of your home. The time and effort spent on bed edging and weeding might have a positive impact on your home’s resale price.
Preventing the spread of harmful pests that could otherwise feast on your plants by eliminating the weeds that harbor them. Weeding out these plants will help lessen the likelihood of pest invasions in your garden.
Save the water: Weeds drink up a lot of liquid, which puts the rest of the garden in a dry, stressed state. By getting rid of unwanted vegetation, you can make sure your plants have enough water to grow.
Mulch and some types of grass are two examples of plants that can assist enhance air quality by releasing oxygen and capturing contaminants. You may help the landscape’s air quality by keeping your beds well-maintained and free of weeds.

In sum, maintaining your landscape properly by edging beds and weeding is essential. They are a great way to improve the look of your garden, the health of your plants, the value of your home, and the general appeal of your outdoor area.

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We know you have many choices when it comes to your landscaping needs and appreciate your business and trust in us maintaining and beautifying your home.   

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Nick & Cara Pedersen

Owners - Tall Pines Landscaping


St. Charles, IL

We hired Tall Pines for our spring cleaning project this year and I’d highly recommend them. We have a 1/2 acre professionally landscaped lot with many trees, lots of seasonal scrubs, and many perennials.
They finished well ahead of the expected timeline. Good guys will be using them again.

Darren R.

Excellent service, they delivered and spread many yards of mulch and took care of some bed cleanup and lawn cutting while we were out of town. Highly recommended.

Robert P.


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